Men in overalls walking near wind turbines

Climate action is more important than ever

The world has changed for all of us this year. This year, global issues have grabbed everyone’s attention. The significant scale and impact of the fires in Australia have highlighted the need for action on climate change. Protests in the United States have drawn global attention to racial inequality. And the global COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequality and political tensions in many countries, overwhelming public health systems and wreaking havoc on local and regional economies. All three have highlighted the threat levels and complexities that humanity now faces.

In this context, what we do as Meridian matters even more – generating affordable, clean, renewable power is key to taking us all into a more equitable and sustainable future.

We believe that it is within our power – as businesses and individuals – to create a sustainable future that is regenerative and restorative, where global warming is contained to 1.5 degrees, we are no longer socially divided by wealth, gender, race or culture, and biodiversity is a part of our everyday lives. This is an urgent task given our current trajectory to runaway climate change and biodiversity loss that threatens the viability of our society and economy. This urgency drives Meridian’s purpose of Clean Energy for a Fairer and Healthier World and directs us to take action towards that vision of a positive future.

The crucial role of energy

Access to energy is fundamental to how we live today. We need energy to do our work, live our lives and power our cities and industries – without it, we are left in the dark, literally. But just as COVID-19 has prompted us to rethink the way we live our day-to-day lives, the Australian bushfires made it clear that it is also time for New Zealand and Australia to be rethinking and renewing our future in terms of the energy we use and how we use it.

The energy required to power our lives and societies needs to come from renewable sources. The electricity sector in New Zealand is advanced on that score, and all of Meridian’s electricity generation is renewable. We harness the amazing power of wind, water and sun to create clean energy for a fairer and healthier world. In Australia, the legacy of thermal fuels is proving harder to overturn. Powershop is providing Australian consumers with a unique point of difference that will enable us to continue to grow and stand out as the best choice for those Australian’s wanting more environmentally friendly choices.

Greater accessibility

Beyond the electricity sector, New Zealand has an unique opportunity to use our highly renewable electricity grid to take the carbon out of how we move around and how we produce many of our products. But to really make a difference, energy must also be affordable, and we need to play our part in reducing energy hardship. Our goal is to make the renewable energy we generate as accessible as possible to as many households, businesses and industries as possible. It’s why we pioneered the abolition of prompt-payment discounts in New Zealand and why we continue to press for reforms in how power is priced and distributed.

Sustainability underpins success

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, the world we think we know can change around us. We made these systems that govern our lives, and when we need to, we can recreate them. The actions we’ve taken in Aotearoa to address the pandemic should give us all confidence to take actions for our climate and to create a better future for ourselves and those who’ll come after us. Looking ahead, we believe that sustainable businesses will be the winners. We want to make meaningful contributions to both the human impacts on the planet and a more equitable society.

The success of our business shows that financial returns and social responsibility are interdependent, not either/or. At Meridian, we look to work together to power how people live, acknowledge how embedded we all are in the natural environment, and deliver our investors strong returns. If you’ve invested in Meridian Energy, bought power from us and/or supported the changes we seek, you’re already contributing to renewing the future of all of us.

Let’s make the changes that matter.
Together we have the power to make a difference.